In a face that looks like us (journey into the Construction)

2007, Italy
Directed by: Daniele Salvo
Produced by: The Third Island
Genre: Drama
Languages: It

By Daniele Salvo

With Luca Zingaretti
Videoscenographies by Giandomenico Musu (INDYCA)


The show has the ambition to make known and loved the text that collects and formulates the values ​​of democracy, and is inspired by some of the most beautiful and sometimes less known pages of Italian literature of the twentieth century, Calamandrei, De Luca, Fortini, Montanelli, Pasolini, Sciascia, Terzani, Vergani. An evocative title that comes from Carlo Levi, when he observed "in the aspect of Italy, not only the infinite particular realities, the innumerable individual lives and the fabric of existence, but all the memory in a face that resembles us".

Staged in December 2007 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and broadcast by Rai Due on 1 February 2008, at the opening of the events for the sixtieth anniversary of the Constitutional Charter, this unusual journey into the political sentiments of Italians won the Prize Persephone 2008 as the best television theater show of the year.