Suppliants to Portopalo

2010, Italy
Directed by: Gabriele Vacis
Genre: Theatrical tale
Languages: It

With Vincenzo Pirrotta
Scenophony: Roberto Tarasco
Concept and dramaturgy: Monica Centanni
Collaboration in dramaturgy: Anna Banfi
Video shooting: Michele Fornasero (INDYCA)
Editing Gian Domenico Musu (INDYCA)
Coordination: Antonia Spaliviero
Ycama organization, Genia-art

Promoted by:
IUAV University (ClassicA Study Center)
University of Catania (Faculty of Literature and Philosophy - Degree Course in Cultural Heritage)
Municipality of Portopalo di Capopassero
Municipality of Syracuse


Prologue to the theatrical reading "Supplici a Portopalo" staged by Gabriele Vacis in Paris in April 2010. A contemporary reinterpretation of the tragedy of Aeschylus interpreted by Vincenzo Pirrotta and the Turin director himself, inspired by the landings on the coasts of Italy Southern Italy, of migrants in search of survival prospects or political asylum. In particular, the show refers to the Christmas tragedy of 1996, when a "cart of the sea" sank off Portopalo, in the extreme south of Sicily, causing the death of almost 300 people.