We are all in danger, the last interview with Pasolini

2007, Italy
Directed by: Daniele Salvo
Produced by: Fahrenheit 451 Teatro
Genre: Drama
Languages: It

By Daniele Salvo
With Gianluigi Fogacci, Max Sbarsi
Videoscenographies by Giandomenico Musu (INDYCA)


The idea of ​​this show comes from Lettere Luterane, the last articles that Pier Paolo Pasolini wrote for Il Mondo and Il Corriere della Sera in 1975 (the year of his death) and from the reading of an extreme and prophetic document: his last interview, released to Furio Colombo the day before he was killed, which sounds more like a confession. Interesting and stimulating experiment of artistic contamination, We are all in danger collects the reflections, fears, complaints and aspirations of a great man who was not only a filmmaker but also, and above all, a poet and prophet.