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2009, Italy
Directed by: Daniele Salvo
Produced by: Politeama / Globe Theater Rome
Genre: Drama
Languages: It

with Stefano Alessandroni
videoscenographies by Giandomenico Musu (INDYCA)


And so the Shakespearean opera was staged under the direction of Daniele Di Salvo. In an introductory note, he writes that Othello is Shakespeare's only tragedy in which the social and political system remains intact to the end. There is no vintage rebellion against the established power. For this reason it is called "domestic tragedy".
It is a tragedy of the self, an intimate and private catastrophe. The first act of the opera in the current staging takes place, in the meantime, entirely at night, in a dark, black atmosphere, barely illuminated by the light of the torches. This allowed the usual late spectators to sit quietly, without attracting too much attention.

“The Venice of the time - says Di Salvo - is considered the gateway to the East: Othello is the symbol of the foreigner, of the stranger, of the different inserted in a hierarchical and patriarchal society. He is everything that the Puritan England of the early seventeenth century could not accept to be, the emergency council in the Doge's palace speaks to us of a situation of serious crisis: the Turks are at the gates ”.

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