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The storm

2010, Italy
Directed by: Daniele Salvo
Produced by: Politeama / Globe Theater Rome
Genre: Drama
Languages: It

with Giorgio Albertazzi
videoscenographies by Giandomenico Musu (INDYCA)


"The Tempest" as well as being one of William Shakespeare's most mysterious works is also one of the most philosophical. In the course of the work the theme of freedom in relation to power in all its different facets is examined. In fact, each character finds himself in situations that force him to take responsibility for his actions with respect to these issues. There is Ariel, a spirit of the air who, after refusing to serve evil and paying the consequences, wins freedom by serving good.

There are Miranda and Ferdinando who find maximum freedom in love and mutual service.

There is the monstrous Caliban, ready to enslave himself to the strongest only to betray him at the first opportunity. There are Stefano and Trinculo, who succumb to the temptation to conquer power with blood.

There are those politicians who even after a shipwreck on a desert island continue to plot to gain power over a piece of land that they may not even see anymore.

There is Gonzalo, the faithful servant of the King of Naples, who despite dreams anarchy continues to be loyal to his sovereign. And finally there is Prospero, Duke of Milan, who betrayed by his brother and abandoned on a desert island with his daughter and a series of books, uses his magical arts only to right the wrongs suffered and recreate a new better order for everyone. .

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