80' 2018, HD, col, Italy
Directed by: Alessandro Cassigoli e Casey Kauffman
Produced by: Indyca e Rai Cinema
Genre: Film Documentary
Languages: Italian
Status: Released

Prodotto da: Michele Fornasero

Direttore della Fotografia: Giuseppe Maio

Montaggio: Giogiò Franchini e Alessandro Cassigoli

Musiche: Giorgio Giampà

Fonico di presa diretta: Paolo Giuliani

Sound Design: Matteo Bendinelli

Color: Simona Infante


Eighteen year old Irma Testa is Italy’s first female boxer to make it to the Olympics. It’s a remarkable outcome for a girl raised in one of the poorest, most crime-ridden neighborhoods of Naples.. The more Irma succeeds though, the more fragile she becomes. After a crushing defeat at the Games in Rio, she questions whether boxing is her future. She wants to chart her own path, but must first take a hard look at her personal life which she has avoided for so long.

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