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Hamlet in Jerusalem

Directed by: Gabriele Vacis, Marco Paolini
Languages: It
Status: Released

Hamlet in Jerusalem is a show that brings together two great protagonists of the Italian theater, Gabriele Vacis and Marco Paolini, architects of the long and happy season of narrative theater, and is produced by the Teatro Stabile di Torino under the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation.


Hamlet in Jerusalem is a project by Gabriele Vacis and Marco Paolini that has very distant roots, as well as their friendship and artistic collaboration. An idea that was born in 2008 in Jerusalem, at the Palestinian National Theater in East Jerusalem, under the aegis of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation: an acting school for Palestinian children, whose desire to work in the theater it is stronger than social prejudices. The following year the workshop continues in Italy, where the boys also work with Laura Curino, Emma Dante, Valerio Binasco, Alessandro Baricco and Roberto Tarasco. The TAM (Theater and Multimedia Arts) school presented the results of its work at the Venice Biennale, at the Teatro Valle in Rome and at the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art in Milan. The fundamental core of the teaching that Vacis implements is the array, a process that combines movement and attention that has been at the basis of the director's work for some time: «Array - explains Vacis - is the exercise that I have been developing for many years. It teaches you to see what you look at and to listen to what you hear. Knowing how to see, know how to listen, is necessary for an actor who wants to be the author of his presence on the stage ». And the key to being able to listen to and create a theatrical journey is to start from Shakespeare's Hamlet, from the awareness that in it you can see all the facets of life, complicated by the experiences of those who live in Palestine: the rites of passage, the man / man relationship woman, conflict with family, generations in comparison, anger, madness, love.

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